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PhotoRegistrationTypeConstr. no.Year of man.Year of reg-canc.ICAONotes
BOY-XENSchneider Grunau
Baby II b
D-5333, D-3673, OY-XEN, CofA expired 1975, D-
 OY-AXKSchneider Grunau
Baby II b
319501950-1977CofA expired 1968, the remains tranferred to DaSK 2017. Will be ripped for spare parts and then scrapped
BOY-NILOldfield Baby Lakes830420132013-2015BLKSOY-8206, OY-8304, OY-NIL
BOY-VAXSchneider Grunau Baby II b19451953-1972
OY-68, OY-VAX, OY-68, OY-VAX, crashed, cancelled 1972, rebuilt. Dansk Svæveflyvehistorisk Klub
 OY-BMXAB Flygplan Se 102/Grunau Baby II b-202619421958-1977Fv8113, SE-STH, OY-BMX Holbæk Flyveklub, CofA expired 1965. To be restored as SE-STH
 OY-50Schneider Grunau
Baby II b
12519431943-1957OY-50 "Æolo's", OY-ADX, CofA expired 1979, restored 1997, OY-ADX, SE-SML
BOY-ADXSchneider Grunau
Baby II b
OY-50 "Æolo's", OY-ADX, CofA expired 1979, restored 1997, OY-ADX, SE-SML
BOY-ACXSchneider Grunau
Baby II a
OY-122, OY-ACX, crashed. Compulsory cancellation
BOY-68Schneider Grunau IIB Baby II b 19451945-1953OY-68, OY-VAX, crashed. Cancelled 1972
BOY-BBXSchneider Grunau
Baby II a
am.19451957-1977OY-76, OY-BBX, scrapped 1972
 OY-93Schneider Grunau Baby IIB319461946-1956OY-93, OY-AXO, CofA expired 1966, scrapped, restored, DAVS 1985
 OY-92Schneider Grunau Baby IIBPFG1946Never finished
BOY-90Schneider Grunau Baby IIB219461946-1957OY-90 "Låvise"/"Laawise" OY-AHX. Scrapped in Billund around 1992.
 OY-89Schneider Grunau Baby IIBam.19461946-1957OY-89, OY-BDX, scrapped 1964.
 OY-82Schneider Grunau Baby IIA19451946-1951OY-82, OY-XYX, crashed 11.7.1963 Herning
 OY-XYXSchneider Grunau
Baby II b
19451957-1963OY-82, OY-XYX, crashed 11.7.1963 Herning
 OY-XEXSchneider Grunau
Baby II b
619471947-1979CofA expired 1970
 OY-XBCSchneider Grunau Baby III119521973-1981D-1049, D-3669, OY-XBC, CofA expired 1977
 OY-XAXSchneider Grunau
Baby II b
P.F.G. 519461946-1952Damaged in collision with Baby II b, 94-941 17.8.1951 Vandel
 OY-XATSchneider Grunau Baby III419581962-1967D-5397, OY-XAT, broken up Randers
 OY-XAFSchneider Grunau
Baby II b
P.F.G. 1519591959-1977Crashed 12.5.1968 Kaldred
BOY-VIXSchneider Grunau
Baby II b
19471953-1977OY-103, OY-VIX, crashed 24.5.1970 Rom
BOY-AXOSchneider Grunau
Baby II b
OY-93, OY-AXO, CofA expired 1966, scrapped, restored. Dansk Svæveflyvehistorisk Klub
BOY-AXESchneider Grunau
Baby II b
CofA expired 1976
BOY-DXZSchneider Grunau
Baby II b
19481961-197294-942, Z-942, OY-DXZ, destroyed in a storm 1967 Næstved
BOY-DXYSchneider Grunau
Baby II b
319501956-1972OY-124, OY-DXY, crashed 12.9.1971 Frederikshavn
 OY-DXOSchneider Grunau
Baby II b
12719431945-1977OY-52 "Falken", OY-DXO, crashed 2.9.1962 Roskilde
 OY-DXJSchneider Grunau
Baby III
E-119531968-1970D-4000, D-4611, OY-DXJ, crashed 12.7.1969 Rønne
 OY-DXISchneider Grunau
Baby II b
OY-DXI, (D-....), OY-DXI, crashed 15.8.1982 Maribo
BOY-DUXSchneider Grunau
Baby II b
12819431945-1972OY-53 "Høgen", OY-DUX, crashed 6.4.58 Tirstrup
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