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PhotoRegistrationTypeConstr. no.Year of man.Year of reg-canc.ICAONotes
BOY-ACMPercival P.34 Proctor IIIH.39419431952-1966PROCLZ587, 62-606, OY-ACM, broken up 1957
 OY-ACNPercival P.34 Proctor IIIH.14319421952-1955PROCDX227, 62-604, OY-ACN, crashed 28.8.1955 Limfjorden
BOY-ACPPercival P.34 Proctor IIIH.27419421952-1969PROCHM364, 62-605, OY-ACP, on display at Danmarks Flyvemuseum
BOY-ACYPercival P.34 Proctor IIIH.18719431953-1966PROCHM284, 62-602, OY-ACY, crashed 25.4.1965 VĂ„lse
BOY-AVAPercival P.66 President IH.P.AL Pem7919561961-1971PEMBG-AOJG, 69-697, M-697, OY-AVA Luftfartsdirektoratet, Danmarks Flyvemuseum
BOY-BAYPercival P.30 Proctor IIK.38819401952-1961PROCZ7199, 62-603, OY-BAY, damaged 23.4.1952 Luxemburg. Restored using parts from 62-601 (c/n H.104). Broken up 1961 Beldringe
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